Syria ISIS behead a Sunni Shepherd for a goat




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Date Uploaded: 04/13/2016

Tags: Beheading   Behead   Beheaded   Slaughter   Torture   Decapitate   Decapitation   Syria   Syrian   Infidel   Apostate   Sunni   Shiite   Murder   Shepherd   ISIS   IS   Islamic State   Al-Qaeda   Syrian Civil War   Savagery   Cavemen   War Crimes   Jihad   Sharia Law   Islam  

Somewhere in Syria. ISIS behead a Sunni Syrian Shepherd after they accused him of being a militant or a spy works for the government. Others said they killed the shepherd and stole his goats. We don't know the true story but it's sure clearly from what they're saying in the video: ISIS: You are a militant Shepherd: I swear by god o Sheikh I am not a soldier. Please believe me I am just a poor shepherd works in this desert with my goats :( ISIS: Liar! Why do you live near the military base? You must be a soldier or a traitor. You must be working with them. Tell me and I will not behead you. Shepherd: Wallahi I am just a poor shepherd I am not a soldier. ISIS: Behead him he's not a big deal. ISIS: We'll get closer to Allah by beheading him. Let's make him an example for everyone who sees in the world. ISIS: Traitor!




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