Syrian Assad soldier release anger on an exhausted abused man




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Date Uploaded: 04/07/2016

Tags: Brutalality   Beheading   Beheaded   Behead   Torture   Slit Throat   Pick Eye   Decapitate   Decapitation   Stabbing   Poking   Anger   Fatal   ISIS   Islamic State   Al-Qaeda   Palmyra   Aleppo   Idleb   Damascus   Syria   SAA   Assad   Loyalists   Syrian War   War Crimes   Iran   Shiite   Alawite   Shia   Sunni   Hezbolla   FSA   Jabhat Al-Nusra   Syrian Rebels   Hell Cannon  

Two stories of the video:- Either: 1) An angry Shiite Syrian Arab Army Loyalist soldier pissed off because his wife was captivated and raped by ISIS punishing one of them in Palmyra. Or: 2) He's pissed of because of the "Hell Cannon" Syrian Rebels' made and he's releasing anger on one of the Rebels' faction or Al-Qaeda's in Aleppo. And He's angry about his wife was raped.




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