Uncensored! Young Syrian Gives ISIS Hard Time before beheading




By: Medium

Date Uploaded: 09/19/2015

Tags: ISIS beheading  

A young Syrian man from Al-Shadadi town in Al-Hasakah Governorate was sentenced to death by the Islamic State, who control this part of north-eastern Syria. The public execution was carried out the traditional Islamic way – he was beheaded by sword. Before the executioner was able to cut his head off, the man gave ISIS a hard time. He was screaming for help and struggling, requiring several mujaheddin to keep him restrained. Even with a few men on top of him, he still managed to cause delays to the beheading. There was no getting away for him, though. The inevitable eventually happened with a well aimed, professionally executed (no pun intended) neck chop that severed his head quickly and cleanly. The screaming and struggling stopped in an instant.




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