Brazil-Hostage Crisis Broadcast Live Ends With Two People Dead




By: oHeLL

Date Uploaded: 09/05/2015

Tags: WTF   Reality   Death   Murder     

After a lengthy standoff, that was broadcast live on TV, a real life hero jumped on the armed hostage taker, freed the hostage, and fought bare handed with the assailant. The latter had an advantage of holding a weapon in his hand, and fatally shot the hero. It took the hero a while to realize that he was actually shot. But he took it right in the middle of the chest. Blood soon came out of his mouth, and within seconds, he was dead, leaning against the door to the God’s temple. The hostage taker was identified as 49 year old Luiz Antonio da Silva, the hostage as 25 year old Elenilza Mariana de Oliveira, and the hero was a 61 year old homeless man Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima.




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