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Drunk Dude Gets His Dues

By: admin, Views: 829

Drunk Dude Gets His Dues. Due to the excessive use of the word kurwa I’d suspect this is Poland…

Taken Out My Shrapnel From A Robot

By: admin, Views: 437

Now that was very unlucky…

Somebody Stop That Bu… SHIT!

By: admin, Views: 519

Somebody Stop That Bu… SHIT!

Men Rescue Woman From Abusive Husband

By: oHeLL, Views: 683

Scum bag...

Multiple UFO's Seen Coming To Earth

By: oHeLL, Views: 719

Multiple UFO's Seen Coming To Earth

Real Road Rage

By: oHeLL, Views: 721

Don't mess with guy

Kid Uses Lighter In Car Full of Laughing Gas

By: oHeLL, Views: 639

There are some 'special' kinds of idiots in this world

Pregnant Woman Tied To A Pole And Beat By Her Husband

By: oHeLL, Views: 1723

Poor woman who is a few months pregnant was tied to the pole by her husband and beaten unconscious for not having his meal ready for him.

Brazil-Hostage Crisis Broadcast Live Ends With Two People Dead

By: oHeLL, Views: 1451

After a lengthy standoff, that was broadcast live on TV, a real life hero jumped on the armed hostage taker, freed the hostage, and fought bare handed with the assailant. The latter had an advantage of holding a weapon in his hand, and fatally shot the hero. It took the hero a while to realize...